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Playing action video games can boost an aspect of adult vision previously thought to be fixed.


 vision monitor screen gaming
Clinical trials have begun of a smart plaster - a sensor-studded band aid that wirelessly monitors vital signs.
 health monitor toread
Ships could be in and out of European ports much quicker thanks to smart software that monitors their movements.


 ship transport monitor real time toread
Scientists have devised a new way to peer into the inner workings of a live honeybee colony, without disturbing the insects inside. The technique, known as Diagnostic Radioentomology (DR), scans a beehive, taking a series of 3D images. This reveals in real-time how many bees are inside, where they are, and gives clues as to what they are doing. Such information could help scientists understand what is causing bee numbers around the world...


 bee honey colony scan monitor 3D
A device which can be worn like a watch could revolutionise the way blood pressure is monitored in the next few years, scientists say.


 blood pressure health monitor heart precision sensor