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There are thousands of time capsules buried by school children, civic leaders, colleges, and hospitals across the country every year in the United States. It's fueled by that indomitable optimism about the future we humans seem to have. We bury things and think future generations will find them - and care.


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Nonprofits invest way more in their messages than in their networks, but it's the latter that makes all the difference!
 NGO non-profit social network message marketing
A new internet service allows Christian subscribers to send emails to non-believing friends and relatives after they have died.


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Steamy text messages have resulted in a three-month jail sentence for an Indian man and an Indian woman in Dubai. Judges ruled that they had planned to "commit sin", a reference to an extramarital affair - which is illegal in the United Arab Emirates.


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Material that is published on Twitter should be considered public and can be published.


 Twitter privacy public message law
Social messaging applications cost mobile network operators $13.9bn in lost SMS revenue last year, a report has claimed.


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