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Experts say the growth of antibiotic resistance now poses as great a threat to global health as the emergence of new diseases such as Aids and pandemic flu.


 health antibiotics medicine disease
Scientists have developed and tested a "DNA robot" that delivers payloads such as drug molecules to specific cells...


 DNA medicine folding cell robot
The futuristic idea that microchips could be implanted under a patient's skin to control the release of drugs has taken another step forward...


 sensor medicine implant
The Mayan civilisation may have died out centuries ago, but people descended from them still live in Central America and southern Mexico. They are among the poorest in the region, and attempts to alleviate their poverty have relied on modernisation and development - but the results are far from ideal.


 Maya Mexico medicine poverty health Coca Cola jungle
As people live longer and medical technology improves, more and more of us will have a surgical implant before we die. We are also getting cremated in larger numbers - and so there is often some expensive metal left among the ashes. Where does it go?


 implant metal recycling cremation death medicine
Half a century ago, in the drug industry's golden era, we were bestowed with countless pills to lower blood pressure, control blood sugar and get rid of infections. But today it costs about $1bn to bring a new medicine to market, a process that can take 15 years...


 drug medicine pharmaceutical industry business health
A "miniature honeycomb" - or scaffold - could one day be used to encourage damaged nerves to grow and recover, according to an international group of researchers...


 nerve growth medicine