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The keepers of Henry, a tuatara, had thought he was past his prime - especially after showing no interest in females during 40 years in captivity. But he mated with 80-year-old Mildred last July and 11 of the eggs she produced have now hatched.
 reptile New Zealand age mating sex
A sexy swing of the hips may attract admiring glances, but it is not a covert sign a woman is ready to breed. ... The women who were most fertile at the time of the experiment walked with fewer hip movements and with their knees closer together.
 mating sex attraction hip
It's one of the most fabled talents in the animal world – elephants' ability to "talk" via rumbles in the earth. Now zoologists in Namibia are trying to harness these seismic social calls - to lure rampaging males back to safety.


 mating communication elephant infrasound
Female guppies, quail and finches tend to mate with males that look like the males they have seen other females paired with. Such “mate choice copying” can pay off. If it is difficult to choose the best mating material, or takes a lot of time and energy, it makes sense to go with what works for the other girls. Yet although human mate selection suffers just such difficulties, there has been little evidence that women do this, until now.


 evolution attraction mating women choice copying sex
The old adage that opposites attract has been debunked by scientists. They found that people tend to choose partners who are similar - or at least who they think are similar - to themselves, both in looks and attitude.


 attraction mating love
In sociobiology and behavioral ecology, a mating system is any of the ways in which animal societies are structured in relation to sexual behavior. The mating system specifies which males mate with which females under which circumstances. For organisms such as plants, that do not necessarily have males and females, mating system is used to refer to the degree to which individuals are self fertilizing or outcrossing.
 evolution mating monogamy polygamy promiscuity
The fireflies flashing in the air are all males. Down in the grass, Dr. Lewis points out, females are sitting and observing. They look for flash patterns of males of their own species, and sometimes they respond with a single flash of their own, always at a precise interval after the male’s. Dr. Lewis takes out a penlight and clicks it twice, in perfect Photinus greeni. A female Photinus greeni flashes back. “Most people don’t realize...


 firefly communication evolution mating insect seduction
Low-quality females prefer low-quality males, at least in the avian world.
 bird mating class toread
To avoid mating with a bird that smells too similar is to avoid mating with a bird that is related.


 animal mating smell similarity
Robin Baker puts forward the thesis that evolution has programmed men to conquer and monopolise women while women, without even knowing they are doing it, seek the best genetic input on offer from potential sexual partners. Facts of life presented include: 10 per cent of children are not fathered by their fathers, less than 1 per cent off a man's sperm is capable of fertilizing anything - the rest is there to fight off other men'...
 human evolution sex women selection genetics mating
The dance of the weedy sea dragon takes place every year in the shallow seas off the coast of Australia. During the ghostly dance, two beautifully odd-looking fish mirror each other's every movement. At the end of the ritual, the male fish is the one to get pregnant, giving birth two months later.


 father mother courtship mating fish sea dragon Australia
But many archaeologists still talk of cultural revolutions associated with our kin (and not the others) and many palaeoanthropologists have continued to insist that we are a different species (Homo sapiens) from them (Homo neanderthalensis).


 Neanderthal mating human evolution species
Men take a fraction of a second to decide if they are attracted to a woman or not – but they should not be called shallow because they are genetically programmed to do so, scientists say. ... According to research, a woman with an attractive face is taken by men to be fertile and able to continue the family line, appealing to the man's survival instinct.


 psychology attraction biology men women dating social mating
A group of Spanish researchers says evolution favours small, light males because they can more easily traverse thin strands of silk.


 spider cobweb web silk weight mating gender size bridge
Virgin births do occur among animals. Many invertebrates, such as insects, can produce offspring asexually, without ever having mated. They usually do this by cloning themselves, producing genetically identical offspring. But among vertebrate animals, it remains a novelty, having been documented among less than 0.1% of vertebrate species.


 snake virgin birth sex Virgin Mary reproduction mating cloning immaculate conception conception
Scientists have found a bushcricket species with testicles that account for up to 14% of its body weight.


 cricket insect testicle mating sex