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For many of us, marriage is special. The idea of a lifelong bond between two people is accorded legal, spiritual and cultural significance throughout much of the world. Whether we are religious or secular, a permanent monogamous relationship can feel sacred.
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A US man divorcing his wife is demanding that she return the kidney he donated to her or pay him $1.5m (£1m) in compensation.
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Emma Brady, 35, said she learnt of the divorce when her spouse changed his Facebook status to read: "Neil Brady has ended his marriage to Emma Brady."


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But now the number of young men entering seminaries is falling, and a survey suggests that more than half of the country's serving priests would like to do away with celibacy to have a wife and family. According to the findings of Professor Jozef Baniak, a sociologist who specialises in religion at the department of theology at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, more than 12% even admitted they were presently living in stable...


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Adulterers, cohabiting unmarried couples and those who kiss in public could all become criminals if a new Indonesian penal code is approved.


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A single gene can turn the Don Juan of voles into an attentive home-loving husband, Nature magazine has reported. By altering the small animal's brain hormone chemistry, scientists have made a promiscuous meadow vole faithful - just like its prairie vole cousin. The researchers think this will lead to a greater understanding of how social behaviour is controlled in humans.


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Moving in with a partner is one of the most important decisions people ever make. So why do so many co-habiting couples sidestep the issue of drawing up a formal agreement about their finances?


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The families were there, so were the gifts and the engagement ring. But the tradition of placing ring on finger could not be fulfilled - the bride-to-be was on the other side of a 30-metre wide river.


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A German businessman has set up a "separation agency" - a service to inform unsuspecting spouses and lovers their partners no longer want them. Bernd Dressler will deliver the bad news - for those too scared to do it themselves - for 20 euros by phone, or for 50 euros in person. The efficiency and directness of Mr Dressler's manner has earned him the nickname The Terminator.


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Cameroon's government has organised a mass wedding of more than 50 couples, most already living polygamously.


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The key to a happy relationship could be accepting that some miserable times are unavoidable. ... they blame cultural fairytales and modern love stories for perpetuating the myth that a enjoying a perfect relationship is possible.


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Couples should consider sleeping apart for the good of their health and relationship, say experts.


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A German man has unofficially married his cat after the animal fell ill and vets told him it might not live much longer.


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A Pakistani man's solution to the age-old dilemma of whether to embark on an arranged or a love marriage has captivated the country's media.


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Malaysia has stepped up a campaign to stop Muslims celebrating Valentine's Day - labelling it a "trap" that could encourage immoral behaviour.


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