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Homeopathy has a proven track record of treating and preventing serious epidemic diseases. It’s used by governments for dengue fever, leptospirosis, epidemic fever, malaria, and Japanese encephalitis epidemics, and, historically, for other serious contagious diseases.
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Over 3,000 idiots and counting. This is the intersection of Hanlon’s Razor with Clarke’s third law: any sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice.
 superstition lying medicine health cure homeopathy deception dishonesty pseudoscience healing petition
The complex brain processes involved in formulating a lie are an indicator of a child's early intelligence


 toddler lying brain child intelligence
All we can ever know are the guesses or interpretations our mind creates about what is going on. To create these guesses, we can only draw on basic human neuroanatomy and on our past experience. Since no two people ever have exactly the same neuroanatomy or experience, no two people ever interpret anything in exactly the same way. This is frightening. It means that each of us lives alone, in our own world of meaning.


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I am currently flat-hunting, and am therefore regularly being lied to in spectacularly inventive fashion. No leap of imagination is too great for the optimistic copywriters: apparently, a flat above an abattoir is "right in the heart of the vibrant bustle of exciting commercial premises", and a knifecrimey stairwell full of urine is now a "charmingly antiquated winding staircase". If the toilet is breathing down the...


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Researchers have found that the ability to tell fibs at the age of two is a sign of a fast developing brain and means they are more likely to have successful lives. They found that the more plausible the lie, the more quick witted they will be in later years and the better their abiliy to think on their feet.


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You’re not likely to hear about this from your doctor, but fake medical treatment can work amazingly well. For a range of ailments, from pain and nausea to depression and Parkinson’s disease, placebos--whether sugar pills, saline injections, or sham surgery--have often produced results that rival those of standard therapies.


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President Ali Abdullah Saleh claimed raids were conducted by Yemen's military when they were in fact carried out by the US, according to the cables. The files also reveal that Mr Saleh rejected an offer to deploy US ground forces in Yemen. The US fears Yemen has become a haven for al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. The cables detail how Mr Saleh claimed responsibility for two US air strikes in December 2009, according to the Guardian...


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