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Scientists identified three genetic mutations that increase the number of cigarettes people smoke a day. And several genes appear to dictate how likely you are to take up smoking and how easily you can quit.


 smoking genetics lung cancer
A Massachusetts man who was rushed to hospital with a collapsed lung came home with an unusual diagnosis: a pea plant was growing in his lung. Ron Sveden had been battling emphysema for months when his condition deteriorated. He was steeling himself for a cancer diagnosis when X-rays revealed the growth in his lung. Doctors believe that Mr Sveden ate the pea at some point, but it "went down the wrong way" and sprouted.


 pea plant lung cancer
A US government delegation has been invited to Scotland in a bid to overturn its 40-year ban on haggis.


 Scotland haggis lung sheep USA food delicacy
A vaccine which triggers the immune system to attack the most common type of lung cancer has shown promise in early clinical trials.


 lung cancer lung cancer vaccine virus smallpox immunity training