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When it comes to love stories, what makes a great novel a classic rather than a guilty pleasure? This Valentine's Day, academics are asking readers for help to understand why some romantic novels are remembered as masterpieces, while others are considered light entertainment.
Your heart beats a little faster, glands open to secret tiny dribbles of sweat, and your body starts producing hormones, which make you feel a bit giddy and warm inside.
 love biology
For many of us, marriage is special. The idea of a lifelong bond between two people is accorded legal, spiritual and cultural significance throughout much of the world. Whether we are religious or secular, a permanent monogamous relationship can feel sacred.
 love fidelity marriage sex
Given the economic downturn, is passion too in recession? Or will couples fling themselves into each other's arms to compensate for their inability to spend, spend, spend?


 sex economy love lust recession passion
If roses won't do the trick, try Saint Raphael suggests the Catholic Church.


 love Saint Valentine Saint Raphael Catholic Church superstition
He said: "Your goal is to make sure she does most of the talking so then you can't mess up."


 book child love dating interest relationship
The study showed hugs increased levels of oxytocin, a "bonding" hormone, and reduced blood pressure - which cuts the risk of heart disease.


 health heart hug bonding oxytocin love
Rome's left-wing Mayor Walter Veltroni has clashed with the right-wing opposition over padlocks left by lovers on a bridge in the city. He has introduced fines for anyone leaving a padlock on a lamp post on the Ponte Milvio, over the Tiber river. Many young lovers have hung padlocks there, throwing the keys in the Tiber, so the lamp post is laden with them. The padlocks bear lovers' messages.


 symbol love Rome bonding padlock lock
Adulterers, cohabiting unmarried couples and those who kiss in public could all become criminals if a new Indonesian penal code is approved.


 marriage crime Indonesia love adultery
Teachers are not trained to deal with students who are sexual predators.


 sex school teacher love student
Love really does have a strange effect on people, say scientists. ... They found that men had lower levels of testosterone than normal, while the women had higher levels of the hormone than usual. Men, in some way, had become more like women, and women had become like men.


 love women men testosterone hormone
The old adage that opposites attract has been debunked by scientists. They found that people tend to choose partners who are similar - or at least who they think are similar - to themselves, both in looks and attitude.


 attraction mating love
In relationships, it is well known than men are mostly jealous about sex, while women are mostly concerned about emotional attachments. Psychologists have conflicting explanations for this, believing it comes either from evolution or from culture. The new cross-cultural research suggests the former is more important. It reveals that Brazilian men are the most jealous; Swedish men and women are more concerned about sex than any other nation...


 sex psychology culture love jealousy
Some people may be genetically programmed to be unfaithful to their partner, a scientist has claimed. ... Focusing on women, he found that if one of a pair of twins had a history of infidelity, the chances her sister would also stray were about 55%. In general it is estimated that just 23% of women are not faithful.


 sex evolution attraction genetics love infidelity women fidelity
Being in love is physically similar to the buzz of taking drugs and also has withdrawal symptoms, an expert on addiction has said. Dr John Marsden says dopamine - the drug released by the brain when it is aroused - has similar effects on the body and mind as cocaine or speed. Attraction and lust really is like a drug. It leaves you wanting more.


 sex attraction love drug dopamine addiction
Infidelity may be natural according to studies that show nine out of 10 mamals and birds that mate for life are unfaithful. Experts found animals that fool around are only following the urges of biology. New studies using genetic testing techniques show that even the most apparently devoted of partners often go in search of the sexual company of strangers. Females stray to gather the best possible genes for their offspring, while males are...


 sex evolution attraction love infidelity fidelity monogamy
Long-term relationships are fundamentally dishonest. And it's all the fault of females. Scientists claim that monogamous relationships among many species, including humans, only persist because females have found a way to disguise whether they are fertile. The researchers claim that by offering sex anytime, but no clues as to whether they will conceive, females trick males into hanging round for a long time. The evolution of this...


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