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Six years ago Joe Hollins became the first permanent vet on the island of St Helena, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.
 turtle tortoise St Helena longevity
Do you remember Tsar Nikolai's era? When the Red Army came and when Vladimir Lenin died? Well I do. So take a guess how old I am.


 Kazakhstan longevity
Evidence of viruses frozen in Siberian lakes prompts scientists to examine if global warming may release harmful microbes locked in glaciers.


A bacterium that sat dormant in a frozen pond in Alaska for 32,000 years has been revived by NASA scientists. ... Another group of researchers from West Chester University in Pennsylvania, US, claimed in 2000 that they had isolated a 250-million-year-old bacterium. But other scientists disputed that the microbes could so very old.


If you are the first-born of a young mother, your chances of making it to 100 are significantly improved.


A Frenchman who fought a long-running legal battle to keep his parents' bodies in a deep-freeze has cremated them after the freezer broke down.


 longevity cryogenics