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Rome's left-wing Mayor Walter Veltroni has clashed with the right-wing opposition over padlocks left by lovers on a bridge in the city. He has introduced fines for anyone leaving a padlock on a lamp post on the Ponte Milvio, over the Tiber river. Many young lovers have hung padlocks there, throwing the keys in the Tiber, so the lamp post is laden with them. The padlocks bear lovers' messages.


 symbol love Rome bonding padlock lock
Police handcuffs can't restrain them. High security locks can't keep them out. Very little can thwart the lock picking and safe cracking skills of an elite group of Dutch hackers known as Toool.


 lock picking hobby security lock
An elderly woman has survived being trapped in her bathroom in Paris for 20 days, after the door lock jammed.


 bathroom trap lock
Newsnight has discovered that until the early days of the Blair government the RAF's nuclear bombs were armed by turning a bicycle lock key.


 UK nuclear bomb security bicycle lock