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Google has announced a new feature that allows users to share their locations among a chosen network of friends.


 Google tracking mobile privacy location
We'd like to think of ourselves as dynamic, unpredictable individuals, but according to new research, that's not the case at all. In a study published in last week's Science, researchers looked at customer location data culled from cellular service providers. By looking at how customers moved around, the authors of the study found that it may be possible to predict human movement patterns and location up to 93 percent of the...


 predictable mobile phone tracking surveillance big brother location spying statistics
A website called PleaseRobMe claims to reveal the location of empty homes based on what people post online.


 privacy Twitter location surveillance crime social network
One visit to a booby-trapped website could direct attackers to a person's home, a security expert has shown.


 location router Internet Google privacy
A DNA test could pinpoint the roots of a person's family to within a few miles.


 DNA genetics family tree history location
The US Air Force has warned its troops that using Facebook and other social networking sites could inadvertently reveal their location to the enemy.


 USA military location social network Facebook secret
Financial institutions may soon change what they trade or where they do their trading because of the speed of light.


 stock market speculation finance physics speed light business ocean location
A 45-year study of lions in Tanzania has revealed that prides which have the best breeding success have territories located nearest river confluences.


 water prosperity hunting evolution lion cat river Tanzania confluence territory location pride
Sound from ultrasound is the name given here to situations when modulated ultrasound can make its carried signal audible without needing a receiver set. This happens when the modulated ultrasound passes through anything which behaves nonlinearly and thus acts intentionally or unintentionally as a demodulator.
 sound ultrasound audio acoustic direction location loudspeaker
California police recovered a stolen laptop after a software program sent its owner the suspect's location and photograph taken on the Mac's camera.


 theft software laptop police webcam location burglar
The illegal use of Global Positioning System (GPS) jammers in the UK has been revealed in a groundbreaking study. GPS jammers are believed to be mostly used by people driving vehicles fitted with tracking devices in order to mask their whereabouts.


 GPS hacking location privacy surveillance tracking big brother