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In a series of clever experiments guided by pointed questions, she is amassing evidence that, yes, language shapes thought. The effect is powerful enough, she says, that "the private mental lives of speakers of different languages may differ dramatically," not only when they are thinking in order to speak, "but in all manner of cognitive tasks," including basic sensory perception. "Even a small fluke of grammar...


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Imagine if you could see time laid out in front of you, or surrounding your body. And you could physically point to specific dates in space.


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More than half of the word's 7000 languages are endangered, because they consist of an unsustainably small – and declining – speaker base. ... For example, the Siberian Todzhu tribe has many different and complex names for reindeer, according to the animals' life stages. What is called a "chary" by the Todzu, would be translated in English as "a two-year-old male, un-castrated, rideable reindeer"...


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is a global collaboration of language specialists and native speakers building a publicly accessible online archive of ALL documented human languages.
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Apocalypto, set 3,000 years ago in central America, features dialogue spoken in an obscure Mayan dialect.


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Some 300 people, descendants of a Native American people in west Canada, still speak Nuuchahnulth. ... there are also some concepts that can be encapsulated in a single syllable. A single sound describes the state of remaining in seclusion when the husband goes out to hunt, for example.


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