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Researchers have long speculated that Titan might harbour open bodies of liquid methane - and the 235km by 75km target is the best candidate to date. But they are being cautious about interpreting the feature, which has what looks to be a smooth shoreline. The scientists say the object could simply be dark, solid deposits caught in a sinkhole of volcanic caldera.


 Moon Cassini Titan Saturn methane lake
Nasa's Cassini probe has found evidence for seas, probably filled with liquid hydrocarbons, at the high northern latitudes of Saturn's moon Titan. The dark features, detected by Cassini's radar, are much bigger than any lakes already detected on Titan.


 ocean Moon Cassini Titan Saturn hydrocarbon lake liquid sea
Afghanistan has established its first national park in a spectacular region of deep blue lakes separated by natural dams of travertine, a mineral deposit. Band-e-Amir is visited by thousands of Afghans and pilgrims, though foreign tourism stalled with the increase in violence since 1979.


 Band-e-Amir nature Afghanistan national park lake
After a long gap, scientists in Nepal have embarked on the first field studies of Himalayan glacial lakes, some of which are feared to be swelling dangerously due to global warming.


 Himalaya glacier lake global warming flood Nepal
New images of Mars suggest the Red Planet had large lakes on its surface as recently as three billion years ago.


 Mars lake toread water
The big freeze, which has led to many of the UK's ponds freezing over, may benefit animals living beneath the surface. Received wisdom says that pond owners should break a hole in the ice to allow oxygen to reach the water. But new research by conservation charity Pond Conservation has shown the opposite is true.


 Catcher In The Rye pond lake animal
The lunar landscape is the closest thing Earth might have to a void. Nothing is the first word that springs to mind. All one sees is a white nothingness, stretching out to the horizon.


 Bolivia salt mining lake Salar de Uyuni lithium
The world's deepest and oldest lake, Lake Baikal, is at risk of being removed from the UNESCO World Heritage list. A Russian pulp and paper mill has been polluting the water for decades.


 Baikal lake pollution
On one day of the year the Dogon people of Mali can fish in the sacred water of Lake Antogo. It’s every fisherman for himself as the lake is emptied in minutes.


 Mali fishing lake Dogon tradition ritual
None of us can feel it, but Britain rises and falls by centimetres every 12 hours and 25 minutes as a great bulge of ocean water washes around the country.


 Loch Ness lake UK gravity Sun Moon ocean tide spirit level