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Another report on local corruption or the conduct of a war, another dead journalist in the Philippines.


 Philippines journalism
World opinion is divided on the importance of having a free press, according to a poll conducted for the BBC World Service. Of those interviewed, 56% thought that freedom of the press was very important to ensure a free society. But 40% said it was more important to maintain social harmony and peace, even if it meant curbing the press's freedom to report news truthfully. Pollsters interviewed 11,344 people in 14 countries for the survey...


 democracy censorship press journalism freedom totalitarian regime
The changing nature of news offers a diversity of voices, sources, and choice... and lets anyone join in global and local conversations.


 mobile journalism direct democracy diversity crowd communication
Russia has been paying public relations consultants to portray its role in international affairs in a positive light, but the BBC's James Rodgers fails to see anything but the negative after being detained for visiting a greenhouse in the north.


 Russia journalism freedom PR
The Iraqi journalist who hurled his shoes at US President George W Bush is seeking asylum in Switzerland. ... Since his arrest, the Iraqi has reportedly been beaten in custody, suffering a broken arm, broken ribs and internal bleeding.


 Iraq shoe journalism
Reuters has opened a virtual news agency in the Second Life online world.