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A new scheme that distributes simple tasks via text messages is being used to target a potential untapped work force in developing countries.


 mobile job work employment developing countries Mechanical Turk outsourcing
A series of photographs, allegedly from a woman quitting her post by exposing her sexist boss, have been exposed as an elaborate hoax.


 job viral hoax boss
Online digital storage devices and innovative internet connections mean working from anywhere in the world while travelling has never been easier.


 travel office work remote Internet home job commuting
Thousands of young unemployed professionals are escaping Portugal's crippling economic crisis by finding jobs in former colonies, such as Brazil and Angola. The reversal of traditional migration patterns is fuelling talk of a "lost generation".


 Portugal crisis economy job colony Brazil Mozambique Angola unemployment migration
It is often assumed extroverts do best in life, but according to a new best-selling book, introverts are just as high achievers. It claims there is a bias towards extroverts in Western society. So do we discriminate against introverts?


 introvert extrovert psychology job opinion decision discussion