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In the U.S. (and elsewhere) people are more accustomed to exterminating insects than to eating them, but in scores of countries around the world--including Thailand, where food markets are stocked with commercially-raised water beetles and bamboo worms--bugs have long been a part of a well-balanced meal. Insect lovers like Gordon argue that entomophagy--the scientific term for consuming insects--could also be a far greener way to get...


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The fireflies flashing in the air are all males. Down in the grass, Dr. Lewis points out, females are sitting and observing. They look for flash patterns of males of their own species, and sometimes they respond with a single flash of their own, always at a precise interval after the male’s. Dr. Lewis takes out a penlight and clicks it twice, in perfect Photinus greeni. A female Photinus greeni flashes back. “Most people don’t realize...


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The public's views are being sought on the introduction of a plant-eating predator from Asia into Britain to help control Japanese knotweed.


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A Pentagon-sponsored project to control flying insects remotely has sent ripples of excitement across the scientific pond.
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A non-toxic insect repellent designed to make insects slip on almost any surface has been unveiled by scientists at Cambridge University.
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The image shows an Asian weaver ant hanging upside down on a glass-like surface and holding a 500mg (0.02oz) weight in its jaws.


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Europe is about to release its first non-native "biological control" species to curb the spread of Japanese knotweed.


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Georges Brossard has spent the last 35 years in passionate pursuit of insects - sleeping among them and even eating the odd cricket or ant.


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Amazing gait! But imagine this creature the size of a house, with a cannon on top...
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Cockroaches "recommend" good food sources to each other by communicating in chemicals, according to scientists. The much-maligned insects appear to make a collective decision about the best food source.


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Swarming locusts not only look different and act differently to solitary locusts, they also have much larger brains.


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Midges ... prefer to attack tall men and large women.


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