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Iggy Pop's endorsement of car insurance has prompted accusations of selling out. But does anyone really care any more?


 advertisement star selling out independence singer actor
The Dutch Caribbean dependency the Netherlands Antilles has ceased to exist with a change of the five islands' constitutional status.


 Dutch Antilles Netherlands independence Caribbean island colonialism
The indigenous Rapa Nui people have been protesting for the past three months about what say are plans to develop the island, as immigration and tourism increase. They are demanding the return of ancestral land they say was unlawfully seized from their grandparents.


 Rapa Nui Easter Island Chile independence history colonialism
Earlier this year a judge in Manchester had to dismiss a jury and restart a trial, The Sun reported, after a juror went onto her Facebook page, gave details of a trial and asked friends: "Did he do it?" Lord Judge, who is the most senior judge in England and Wales, said it was too easy for campaigners to bombard Twitter with messages in a bid to put pressure on jurors who might be looking at it.


 judge UK social network Facebook Twitter law court legal bias social control independence justice
A small town in central Italy has declared its independence and started to print its own banknotes.


 Italy country town city independence currency
US President Barack Obama will urge his Palestinian counterpart Mahmoud Abbas to drop a bid for UN recognition of statehood.


 Palestine Israel USA freedom independence peace