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The UN secretary general has urged the Security Council not to renew an exemption from prosecution for US troops on UN peacekeeping duties.


 war immunity USA
Picture the pope awaiting trial in British prison, and you begin to grasp the implications of the radical idea that has never been applied: equality before the law.


 Richard Dawkins George Monbiot Christopher Hitchens atheism paedophilia crime Pope UK immunity politics religion
While caffeine can give people a buzz, raising alertness, the effect only works in those unused to the drink.


 coffee caffeine immunity
People who recover from swine flu may be left with an extraordinary natural ability to fight off flu viruses, findings suggests.


 swine flu immunity flu vaccine
Mating with Neanderthals and another ancient group called Denisovans introduced genes that help us cope with viruses to this day. Previous research had indicated that prehistoric interbreeding led to up to 4% of the modern human genome. The new work identifies stretches of DNA derived from our distant relatives.


 Neanderthal Denisovan human evolution immunity interbreeding genetics cloning
A vaccine which triggers the immune system to attack the most common type of lung cancer has shown promise in early clinical trials.


 lung cancer lung cancer vaccine virus smallpox immunity training
The work suggests that status drives immune health, rather than vice-versa.


 social status health immunity ape human society incredible