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We already have iris and fingerprint scanning but noses could be an even better method of identification.


 nose identification pattern toread
The bacteria on our hands could be used in forensic identification, in the same way as DNA, say scientists.


 identification tracking microorganism bacteria hand genetics toread
The National Identity Card scheme will be abolished within 100 days with all cards becoming invalid.


 UK RFID privacy politics identification tracking surveillance nation state citizen
People's walking patterns - their gait - are so different they could be used to identify individuals. Gait can also be measured at a distance - an advantage over other forms of biometric identification.


 walking gait identification pattern
India has launched a huge national identity scheme aimed at cutting fraud and improving access to state benefits.


 India identification database population
A project that could radically reduce the amount of personal information we share in our dealings has been revealed by IBM researchers.


 privacy cryptography identification
The CIA ran a fake vaccine programme in the Pakistani town of Abbottabad to try to get a DNA sample from the family of Osama Bin Laden, media reports say.


 CIA DNA genetics Osama bin Laden Pakistan USA vaccine identification