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One person died and scores of others were rescued after being trapped on a big slab of ice that broke off from the shore of Lake Erie.
 USA ice fisherman
The meltdown of Greenland's ice sheet is speeding up, satellite measurements show.


 ice global warming climate change Greenland melting
Saturn's largest moon Titan may have molten ice welling up to the surface from its warm interior, data from the Cassini spacecraft suggests.


 ice Moon volcano Cassini Titan Saturn
Space scientists say their discoveries about Saturn's moon Enceladus are stunning, if just a little baffling. Using the instrument-packed Cassini probe, they have confirmed that the 500km-wide world has an atmosphere. They have also seen a "hotspot" at the icy moon's south pole, which is riven with cracks dubbed "tiger stripes".


 water ice Moon atmosphere Cassini Saturn Enceladus mirror
The plumes of water that erupt from Saturn's icy satellite Enceladus can be traced back to a radioactive "meltdown" shortly after the moon formed. The discovery, in 2005, of water vapour spewing from geysers at Enceladus' south pole took scientists by surprise. How this tiny, ice-covered moon generated the amounts of heat needed to fuel these eruptions was a puzzle. Now scientists say a short-lived burst of...


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At least 235 marine species are living in both polar regions, despite being 12,000km apart, a census has found.


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Scientists have produced a global geological map of Jupiter's moon Europa, which has been proposed as a destination for a future space mission. Interest in Europa has been fuelled by indications that a liquid water ocean lurks beneath its outer shell of ice. The mapping effort will help build a geological history of the enigmatic moon and target future explorations.


 water ice Moon extraterrestrial life Jupiter Europa Galileo
Researchers are testing technology that could allow a lander to melt through the ice crust of Jupiter's moon Europa to reach the water ocean beneath. Space scientists want to send a craft to the Jovian moon because its ocean might, in theory, harbour life. Once through the 10-30km ice sheet, the probe could take a sample of water, to analyse it for microbial life.


 ocean ice Moon extraterrestrial life Jupiter probe Europa melt
A team of polar explorers has travelled to the Arctic in a bid to discover how quickly the ice cap is melting and how long it be before the Arctic summer becomes ice free.


 Arctic ice global warming North Pole
Greenland's ice is melting rapidly. In some places, glacial levels have been falling by 10 metres a year and ultimately contributing to rising sea levels.


 ice global warming Greenland vegetation
Scientists have reported worrying signs that the vast ice sheet over Greenland is melting. If the whole mass of ice disappeared, the world's sea level would rise by about six metres.


 ice global warming Greenland melting
Greenland's ice sheet could disappear within the next 1,000 years if global warming continues at its present rate.


 ice global warming Greenland melting
What he found was a protein that seemed to prevent ice crystals from growing. As studies of these intriguing "anti-freeze" proteins progressed, they were discovered in many more organisms - fish, insects, bacteria, fungi and plants that have to survive freezing temperatures. Many of our more hardy frost-surviving vegetables and even our humble lawns produce these ice structuring proteins when there is a harsh frost.


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Large deposits of nearly pure water-ice may lurk just below the Martian surface, much nearer the equator than previously thought, suggest new images.


 water Mars ice
The Arctic Ocean could be largely ice-free and open to shipping during the summer in as little as ten years' time, a top polar specialist has said.


 Arctic Ocean climate change travel ocean ice
Photographer James Balog shares new image sequences from the Extreme Ice Survey, a network of time-lapse cameras recording glaciers receding at an alarming rate, some of the most vivid evidence yet of climate change.


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Sea levels are likely to rise by about 1.4m globally by 2100 as polar ice melts, according to a major review of climate change in Antarctica.
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