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... the rapid spread of a gene which lets us reap the benefits of milk shows evolution in action. ... In order to digest milk, adult humans need to have a gene which produces an enzyme called lactase to break down lactose, one of the main sugars it contains. Without it, a drink of milk proves an uncomfortable experience, causing bloating, stomach cramps and diarrhoea. Today, more than 90% of people of northern European origin have the gene.


 human evolution milk digestion
Super článok, resp. téma. Stále premýšľam - nebolo by úžasné, keby sa raz zistilo, že nejakí neandertálci prežili až do historických čias a sú to obri a lesní ľudia, ktorých poznáme z rozprávok a povestí? Ale vlastne už 24 tisíc rokov dozadu nie je tak veľa, že. Tomáš J. Fülöpp


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Evidence is emerging from Africa that colours were being used in a symbolic way perhaps 200,000 years ago. ... Being able to conceptualise - the ability to let one thing represent another - was a giant leap in human evolution. ... Colour symbolism is an abstraction and we cannot work this abstraction without language.


 human evolution symbol art colour Africa
Scientists say they have discovered a gene sequence which appears to play a central role in giving humans their unique brain capacity.


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