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However, recent advances in our understanding of evolution are revealing a bigger picture that can, by itself, give meaning to life. This new worldview locates humanity within a much larger evolutionary process that appears to offer us a meaningful role to play. This new understanding of evolution is founded on the recognition that evolution is headed somewhere – it has a trajectory. In particular, evolution on Earth has repeatedly...


 meaning life philosophy human evolution universe intelligence science prehistoric civilization biology collaboration
Barack Obama says it should be possible to send astronauts to orbit the planet Mars by the mid-2030s and return them safely to Earth.


 human space travel Mars Barack Obama NASA
Scientists have discovered an evolutionary reason why humans and whales both have grandmothers. As post-menopausal females age, the researchers say, they become increasingly interested and helpful in rearing their "grandchildren". This could help explain why female great apes and toothed whales (cetaceans) have lifespans that extend long beyond their reproductive years.


 whale human grandmother menopause grandchild ageing evolution upbringing
Why might these receptors become overactive at extreme positions? Possibly because it allows us to sense ahead of time when we’re getting to a point of movement that is mechanically impossible for the limb to perform, either because we’re trying to flex it too much or we’re trying to straighten it too much.


 human limb proprioception brain time future
Dogs "automatically imitate" the body movements of their owners, according to a study.


 animal intelligence imitation evolution social dog human
Speaking from his home in Dallas, former president George W. Bush told reporters Tuesday that when he's not busy giving lectures or writing his memoirs, he spends most of his spare time working on the manned mission to Mars he proposed in January 2004.


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