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US regulators have cleared the way for the world's first study on human embryonic stem cell therapy.
 embryonic stem cell therapy human
A new breed of wearable robotic vehicles that envelop drivers are being developed by Japanese car giant Toyota.


 cyborg robot human transport exoskeleton enhancement
Very few, it seems, even though this remarkable inventor paved the way for the Wright Brothers and all the aviators who followed. If it had not been for Sir George's pioneering work, the Wright brothers may not have got off the ground. Cayley is the man described by aviation experts as the father of aeronautics. He designed his first aircraft as long ago as 1799, and by the middle of the 19th Century, he was building and flying...


 human airplane flight inventor George Cayley aviation flying
... some evidence suggests human females also undergo semi-annual heat cycles. Although sexual responsiveness is influenced by social and cultural factors, there is evidence that human females undergo emotional and physiological changes associated with estrus cycles and may be more likely to be irritable and/or sexually aroused during the peaks of heat cycles. Further, just as males of other species respond in differing ways to females in...
 sex human heat estrus female cycle reproduction heat cycle
A cloned human embryo has been produced for the first time from a skin cell, raising the prospect that such embryos could be made to provide stem cells tailored to any patient.


 cloning stem cell human skin
It takes less than 30 seconds for the reigning World Memory Champion to recall the sequence of a pack of playing cards. In an hour, he can memorise 26 more packs.


 human memory psychology database brain memory system
It will try to understand a user's question and intent and understand it at a rudimentary level and provide and accurate and confident answer. ... It will try to understand a user's question and intent and understand it at a rudimentary level and provide and accurate and confident answer.


 artificial intelligence computer human intelligence
Scientists have found more evidence that the Indonesian "Hobbit" skeletons belong to a new species of human - and not modern pygmies.


 Indonesia Flores homo floresiensis Hobbit human evolution
... suggests that the playing of music was common as far back as 40,000 years ago when modern humans spread across Europe.
 music flute Neanderthal evolution human archaeology
The study, which was carried out on just 1% of our DNA code, challenges the view that genes are the main players in driving our biochemistry. Instead, it suggests genes, so called junk DNA and other elements, together weave an intricate control network. ... He explained that the study had found junk DNA was being transcribed, or copied, into RNA - an active molecule that relays information from DNA to the cellular machinery. He added:...


 genome human RNA DNA genetics
There is a moment in the near future where Scientist believe we will transform the notion of what we believe to be Human. By conducting some of the most controversial experiments, Scientists are unlocking the secrets of the Human Brain, moving us towards the moment where it will be possible to store our minds in machines. Then we will be able to change what we are, and who we are. This is the story of how Biology and Technology will...
 human future augmented singularity toread
DNA tests on British populations of small mammals show a genetically distinct "Celtic Fringe", say scientists at The University of York.
 human migration mammal UK toread
An ancient human-like creature that may be a direct ancestor to our species has been described by researchers. The assessment of the 4.4-million-year-old animal called Ardipithecus ramidus is reported in the journal Science.
 human evolution toread
Scientists have worked out the 3D structure of the human genome. Their findings, published in Science magazine, reveal how long strands of DNA code are folded and tightly packed into the nucleus of a human cell. Unfolded, the cell's genome - those strands of DNA code - would be approximately 2m in length. The team showed how this is organised into a tight ball to fit inside a nucleus, which is about one hundredth of a millimetre in...


 genome human 3D visualization DNA
The YRI Trio Public Data Set provides complete genome sequence data for three Yoruba individuals from Ibadan, Nigeria, which represent the first human genomes sequenced using Illumina’s next generation Sequence-by-Synthesis technology.


 Amazon genome human database
Public participants in the project have to send their cheek swabs to a central lab for analysis. After four to six weeks, they will be able to access information on their own genetic ancestry by keying in an anonymous code on the project website.


 human genetic migration