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Belgian rescue workers are trying to save at least two people trapped in the rubble of an apartment building which collapsed overnight in Liege.


 gas Liege house explosion fire
He wasn’t referring to the people who have no choice, who can’t afford their payments. He was speaking about the rising number of folks who are voluntarily choosing not to pay. Such voluntary defaults are a new phenomenon. Time was, Americans would do anything to pay their mortgage — forgo a new car or a vacation, even put a younger family member to work. But the housing collapse left 10.7 million families owing more than their homes are...


 debt load house USA default business
I am currently flat-hunting, and am therefore regularly being lied to in spectacularly inventive fashion. No leap of imagination is too great for the optimistic copywriters: apparently, a flat above an abattoir is "right in the heart of the vibrant bustle of exciting commercial premises", and a knifecrimey stairwell full of urine is now a "charmingly antiquated winding staircase". If the toilet is breathing down the...


 estate agent appartment house property lying
Archaeologists are claiming to have discovered the oldest house in Britain. The circular structure, found at a site near Scarborough, North Yorkshire, has been dated as being made in 8,500BC.


 house archaeology UK
Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani has hosted a lavish house-warming for his new 27-storey residence, believed to be the world's most expensive home.


 architecture house India