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Pope Francis has said reliable data indicates that "about 2%" of clergy in the Catholic Church are paedophiles. In an interview with the Italian La Repubblica newspaper, the Pope said that abuse of children was like "leprosy" infecting the Church.
 pope paedophilia clergy Catholic Church religion homosexual
Sir Elton John has claimed Jesus was a "super-intelligent gay man" in an interview with a US magazine.


 homosexual gay Jesus Christ
Gay rights activists have criticised a Vatican official who sought to link homosexuality to paedophilia when commenting on child sex abuse scandals.


 Vatican Catholic Church paedophilia homosexual
Mercury affects the behaviour of white ibises by "turning them homosexual", with higher doses resulting in males being more likely to pair with males.


 poison mercury pollution ibis bird homosexual
Canadian radio stations can resume playing Dire Straits' Money For Nothing after a ban on the song was lifted. The 1985 hit single was taken off the airwaves in January after a listener in Newfoundland complained about Mark Knopfler's use of the word "faggot". His lyrics were deemed to be in a breach of a human rights clause in Canada's broadcasting code. Now the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council has overturned...


 faggot Canada song censorship homosexual gay
Two Colombian priests who were found shot dead in the capital Bogota a year ago themselves hired the assassins who killed them, prosecutors say. They said the priests had agreed a suicide pact after one of them was diagnosed with Aids, but contracted hitmen because they could not bring themselves to carry it out. ... Suicide - like homosexual acts - is forbidden in the Catholic Church.


 suicide assassination Colombia Catholic Church homosexual religion incredible