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The world's tallest building is set to be opened in the Gulf emirate of Dubai. More than 800m high and clad in 26,000 glass panels, Burj Dubai has 160 floors and more than 500,000 sq m of space for offices and apartments...


 Dubai skyscraper height architecture
Marvin Minsky started by talking about the fact that the root of our problems is that there are "too many big people" around and further he suggested that "one solution would be to reduce the size of people from six feet to six inches. That way you could get a trillion people on the planet with less pollution."...


 dwarf size height pollution overpopulation
e found that natural selection is acting to cause slow, gradual evolutionary change. The descendants of these women are predicted to be on average slightly shorter and stouter, to have lower total cholesterol levels and systolic blood pressure, to have their first child earlier, and to reach menopause later than they would in the absence of evolution. Selection is tending to lengthen the reproductive period at both ends.


 short dwarf overpopulation evolution height
Scientists have developed a mathematical model that predicts the maximum height trees can reach in particular environmental conditions.


 mathematics statistics prediction tree height environment model
Plant height rather than seed mass is a better predictor of how far seeds will be dispersed.


 height plant seed dispersal multiplication
Taller women have a slightly higher risk of ovarian cancer.


 ovaries cancer woman height