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An undercover investigation has found that up to two gorillas are killed and sold as bushmeat each week in Kouilou, a region of the Republic of Congo.


 gorilla poaching Africa Congo toread genocide
Fewer than 300 Cross River gorillas, a western gorilla subspecies, remain.


 gorilla Cameroon extinction
Gorillas play games of tag in a similar way to humans, scientists have found. Footage recorded in zoos revealed that the great apes would hit a playmate and then run away, chased by the gorilla that they had just struck. Sometimes, the roles would then reverse, with the chased becoming the chaser.


 gorilla tag game play
The population of endangered mountain gorillas has increased significantly in the last 30 years, say researchers.


 gorilla extinction Congo Rwanda Uganda
In Aesop's 2,000-year-old tale, a crow uses stones to raise the water level in a pitcher to reach the liquid so as to quench its thirst. But when given a similar set up, chimps were able to attain an out-of-reach, floating peanut by spitting water taken from a dispenser into a vertical tube. One hungry chimp went even further by urinating into the vessel to get hold of the prized snack.


 monkey chimpanzee intelligence animal intelligence food water gorilla child Aesop fable
Mother gorillas use a type of "baby talk" when communicating with infants, according to scientists.


 gorilla ape baby infant communication animal intelligence