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The question of who shot down the plane carrying the former president of Rwanda in April 1994 could turn out to be one of the great mysteries of the late 20th Century. The act served as a catalyst for the genocide of some 800,000 (others say as high as one million) people in just 100 days. Last week a French investigative judge, Jean Louis Bruguiere, accused the ethnic Tutsi rebel leader at the time, Paul Kagame, of having been responsible...


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The court trying alleged perpetrators of the Rwandan genocide has expressed its shock at the death in an air crash of a top expert on the 1994 massacres. Alison Des Forges, 66, was among 50 people killed in a plane crash on Thursday near Buffalo, New York state. A spokesman for the the UN tribunal for Rwanda called her death "a great loss". Ms Des Forges was an expert adviser to the court on the genocide, in which some 800,000...


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An undercover investigation has found that up to two gorillas are killed and sold as bushmeat each week in Kouilou, a region of the Republic of Congo.


 gorilla poaching Africa Congo toread genocide
Residents in Stockholm are divided over reports that rabbits are being used to make biofuel.


 Sweden fuel rabbit burn animal cull genocide
Brigitte Bardot: Canada is a rich country. It doesn't need to sell skin, oil, fat and powdered seal penises to make aphrodisiacs for countries in Asia... You cannot continue a genocide of animals like this.


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Avatar, James ­Cameron's blockbusting 3D film, is both profoundly silly and profound. It's ­profound because, like most films about aliens, it is a metaphor for contact between different human cultures. But in this case the metaphor is conscious and precise: this is the story of European engagement with the native peoples of the Americas. It's profoundly silly because engineering a happy ending demands a plot so stupid and...


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