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What is unique about this particular baby is that the embryo was screened not for a true debilitating disease, but rather for a gene that could potentially be harmful later in the child’s life. The gene, called BRCA1, increases the risk of breast cancer in females by as much as seven times.
 cancer breast cancer designer babies genetical engineering
Normally zebrafish, which carry the same p53 gene as humans, can survive low doses of radiation, which causes damage to the DNA, because the gene steps in to repair that damage. But no such repair took place in zebrafish without the isoform switch, and they died after radiation exposure. The researchers said this proved that the switch played a crucial role in enabling p53 to do its repair work.
 cancer genetical engineering tumour
Ministers are drawing up plans for genetically-modified crops to be grown in secret and more secure locations to prevent trials being wrecked by saboteurs. They may ask the police to target opponents of GM crops in the way that they have cracked down on animal rights protesters. Another option is for the controversial crops to be grown at a secure government site such as Porton Down near Salisbury, which carries out military research and...
 genetical engineering
The rapid adoption by U.S. farmers of genetically engineered corn, soybeans and cotton has promoted increased use of pesticides, an epidemic of herbicide-resistant weeds and more chemical residues in foods.


 genetical engineering food toxin pesticide weed herbicide
A genetically modified (GM) variety of maize banned in the EU has been sown accidentally across Germany.


 genetical engineering pollution maize Germany agriculture
Thanks to a set of new tricks and tools, modifying animals is becoming a lot easier and more precise. That is not only going to transform research, it could also transform the meat and eggs you eat and the milk you drink.


 animal genetics cloning fabricated genetical engineering
Researchers in the US have found new evidence that genetically modified crop plants can survive and thrive in the wild, possibly for decades.


 genetical engineering plant agriculture outbreak genetics
A new book claims Africa could feed itself within a generation, and become a major agricultural exporter.


 Africa food agriculture genetical engineering hunger starvation
Attempts to hamper the development of GM crops threaten the future of the poorest of the poor.


 genetical engineering GM crop poverty development aid