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A molecule that until now existed only in theory has finally been made. Known as a Rydberg molecule, it is formed through an elusive and extremely weak chemical bond between two atoms. The new type of bonding, reported in Nature, occurs because one of the two atoms in the molecule has an electron very far from its nucleus or centre.


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Part of it comes through methane made by the animals as they digest food. So which farm animals expel the most methane?


 methane greenhouse gas climate change cow
Belgian rescue workers are trying to save at least two people trapped in the rubble of an apartment building which collapsed overnight in Liege.


 gas Liege house explosion fire
For most people the waste they eject from their bodies is something they don't bother thinking about once they've shut the toilet door behind them. But there are some who think human waste could be a major part of a stable gas supply.


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When a plant is under attack it releases a gas which warns neighbouring plants to protect themselves.


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