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An inferno has killed 20 people and injured 12 others, most of them elderly, aboard a coach on a motorway near Hanover in northern Germany.


 Germany fire bus cigarette travel
Humans were influencing the climate long before the Industrial Revolution, new research suggests. Levels of methane rose steadily in the atmosphere in the first millennium, according to an analysis of gases trapped in ice beneath Antarctica. Much of the greenhouse gas came from huge fires lit by humans as they cleared land for settlements and farming, researchers report in Science. But natural climate change would have contributed to the...


 emissions ancient civilisation fire climate change
Apes began to morph into humans, and the species Homo erectus emerged some two million years ago, Mr. Wrangham argues, for one fundamental reason: We learned to tame fire and heat our food.


 cooking fire human evolution ape
Belgian rescue workers are trying to save at least two people trapped in the rubble of an apartment building which collapsed overnight in Liege.


 gas Liege house explosion fire
Minuscule tubes coated with a chemical fuel can act as a power source with 100 times more electrical power by weight than conventional batteries. As these nano-scale "fuses" burn, they drive an electrical current along their length at staggering speeds. The never-before-seen phenomenon could lead to a raft of energy applications.


 nanotechnology battery energy fire electricity
The US Coast Guard has set fire to part of a big oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico, in an attempt to save environmentally fragile wetlands.


 USA oil leak fire ocean environment
Scientists have identified a reason why lithium batteries in laptops and mobile phones may overheat and catch fire.


 laptop mobile phone fire lithium battery
A Tibetan monk has burned himself to death in China's Sichuan province, in an apparent anti-Beijing protest. Activists said the monk, whom they named as Tsewang Norbu, had shouted slogans including "long live the Dalai Lama" before setting himself alight.


 death Tibet China religion burn protest suicide Dalai Lama fire