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Women take greater care over their appearance when they are at peak levels of fertility.


 dress fertility women signal sex
It may simply be the over-processing of low-fat foods that is causing increased infertility.


 fertility food
A remarkable ivory carving is arguably the oldest sculpture of a human figure yet found, scientists say. The distorted object, which portrays a woman with huge breasts, big buttocks and exaggerated genitals, is thought to be at least 35,000 years old. The 6cm-tall figurine, reported in the journal Nature, is the latest find to come from Hohle Fels Cave in Germany.


 venus ivory archaeology sculpture fertility sex
A Vatican official has said the awarding of the Nobel Prize for Medicine to British IVF pioneer Robert Edwards is "completely out of order".


 fertility IVF conception Catholic Church Vatican religion embryo
Scientists are questioning if using wi-fi on a laptop to roam the internet could harm a man's fertility, after lab work suggested ejaculated sperm were significantly damaged after only four hours of exposure.


 wifi laptop sperm cell genetics radiation fertility
Scientists have shown that women who were first to settle in a new land had more children and grandchildren than those who followed.


 migration immigration fertility family