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Environmental groups have raised concern that the lack of uncultivated land deprives birds and other wild creatures of food and refuge. Introduced in the early 1990s, the system of paying farmers to set aside land from production was designed to discourage over-production after years in which Europe produced mountains of surplus food and drink, threatening commodity prices.


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Most men in Europe can trace a line of descent to early farmers who migrated from the Near East, a study says.


 Europe farming genetic migration
A Russian farmer has been convicted of planting landmines around his field to ward off trespassers.


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Farming in Europe did not just spread by word-of-mouth, but was introduced by migrants from the ancient Near East, a study suggests.


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Are You Being Controlled ... By Corn? What if humans are all just pawns in a clever strategy game masterminded by corn? In this video, author Michael Pollan asks you to see things from a plant's-eye view -- to consider the possibility that nature isn't opposed to culture, and that biochemistry rivals intellect as a survival tool. By merely shifting your perspective, perhaps you can help heal the Earth.
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A new study deals a blow to the idea that most European men are descended from farmers who migrated from the Near East 5,000-10,000 years ago.


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