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The rate of illegitimate births in the British population is much lower than many people believe, a study says. It suggests an oft-quoted figure of one in 10 for the number of children fathered illegitimately is a myth. The real number is more likely to be less than one in 25, researchers say.


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Male adoptees are using consumer DNA tests to predict the surnames carried by their biological fathers. They are using the fact that men who share a surname sometimes have genetic likenesses too.


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He's been dead for 2,500 years but his family just keeps growing and growing - Confucius, or more properly his descendants, are alive and well and flourishing in China and across the globe, according to the latest version of his family tree which is set to triple the size of his kith and kin. The job of registering new members to the family tree of revered Chinese thinker and educator Confucius (551-479 BC), was finished by the end of...


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A DNA test could pinpoint the roots of a person's family to within a few miles.


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Experts are asking people from north-east Wales to provide a DNA sample to discover why those from the area carry rare genetic make-up.


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The natural world contains about 8.7 million species, according to a new estimate described by scientists as the most accurate ever. But the vast majority have not been identified - and cataloguing them all could take more than 1,000 years. The number comes from studying relationships between the branches and leaves of the "family tree of life".


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A new study deals a blow to the idea that most European men are descended from farmers who migrated from the Near East 5,000-10,000 years ago.


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Two million people are now recognised as being descendants of the Chinese philosopher Confucius, more than tripling the number in the last count. The announcement was made as the fifth update to Confucius' family tree was unveiled on the 2,560th anniversary of his birth, say Chinese state media. Last updated in 1937, the book lists all 83 generations of descendents.


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How many generations does it take before someone alive today is the ancestor of everyone on the planet?


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