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A US man apparently distraught over job problems is thought to have shot dead his wife and five young children before turning the gun on himself.
 family murder unemployment children
Male adoptees are using consumer DNA tests to predict the surnames carried by their biological fathers. They are using the fact that men who share a surname sometimes have genetic likenesses too.


 family DNA adoption family tree surname genalogy
Sisters spread happiness while brothers breed distress, experts believe.


 sister brother family
free genealogy site, automatic drawing of family trees


 genealogy wiki family reference tools directory WikiTree
The same reaction is seen in humans, who tend to react negatively to unfair situations with strangers, but not when they involve family members or friends.


 animal chimpanzee family xenophobia preference
When Yitta Schwartz died last month at 93, she left behind 15 children, more than 200 grandchildren and so many great- and great-great-grandchildren that, by her family’s count, she could claim perhaps 2,000 living descendants.


 overpopulation family Jewish incredible
A South Korean couple who were addicted to the internet let their three-month-old baby starve to death while raising a virtual daughter online, police said.


 Internet addiction starvation virtual reality family
A study of women at a Belgian clinic found half wanted to freeze their eggs to take the pressure off finding a partner.


 egg woman family pregnancy love career
The niece of Osama Bin Laden has posed for provocative photographs for an American magazine. Wafah Dufour, an aspiring musician and model, is the daughter of the al-Qaeda leader's half-brother Yeslam.


 Osama bin Laden family lingerie New York City niece
Teenage pregnancy is "contagious" between sisters, researchers in the UK and Norway have claimed. A study of more than 42,000 Norwegian teenage girls suggested they were more likely to become pregnant if their older sister had a baby as a teenager. The effect was greatest when the sisters were of a similar age or from a poorer background.


 teenager pregnancy sister sibling family influence poverty education contagious
It's my contention that the contentedly busy – a phrase I prefer to workaholic – probably shouldn't go on holiday at all. Noël Coward was right: for them, work is more fun than fun, and when deprived of it, they're not much fun to be around, and would be best left at home. Holidays are for the bored, and writers have always known that.


 vacation family holiday travel boat UK boredom
A growing number of Indians are hiring private detectives to check up on a prospective bride or groom's character, sexual history and finances before marriage.


 India marriage detective family
Scientists have shown that women who were first to settle in a new land had more children and grandchildren than those who followed.


 migration immigration fertility family
Contagious yawning may show the closeness of your relationships rather than your tiredness, say scientists.


 yawn brain empathy family friendship contagious social behaviour