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International search guide for organizers in the event, congress and incentive industry all over the world who are in search of locations, partners and suppliers for that special event in your country.
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Online fraudsters are targeting climate scientists through invitations to fake conferences, often at fictional five-star London hotels. Scientists are sent e-mails directing them to fake conference websites - often imitating the style of real ones. Typically they are told their travel costs will be refunded - but they have to pay first "to reserve a hotel room". The "phishing" scammers appear to be after information...


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We've all experienced it: The frustration of entering a room and forgetting what we were going to do. Or get. Or find. New research from University of Notre Dame Psychology Professor Gabriel Radvansky suggests that passing through doorways is the cause of these memory lapses. "Entering or exiting through a doorway serves as an 'event boundary' in the mind, which separates episodes of activity and files them away,"...


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