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Two of Greece's most wanted men have staged a daring helicopter escape from Athens' highest-security prison - for the second time in three years.


 Greece prison escape
When confronted by a predator, some animals fight, others run while a few hide, hoping not to be noticed. The pebble toad of Venezuela does something altogether different: it curls up like a ball and throws itself down the side of a mountain. By doing so, the tiny creature bounces down the rocks just like a rubber ball.


 toad frog roll escape toread
A man who says he is an Iranian nuclear scientist claims to have escaped after being abducted by US agents.


 Iran CIA escape nuclear abduction
Only a few months after 9/11, American troops located Osama Bin Laden in the Tora Bora mountains of Afghanistan - so how was he able to evade them?


 Osama bin Laden Afghanistan 9/11 War On Terror escape military USA