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Of related interest, in the light of recent research, is recognition that the source of energy in biological motion -- the capacity of muscles to generate pulling force -- may be explicable in terms of quantum tunnelling. Living cells are indeed capable of "burning" biological fuel to generate energy for muscle contraction. It is enzymes which accelrate the rate of chemical reactions -- with billion-fold enhancements of chemical...
 physics enzyme life quantum
A traditional Japanese diet could transfer the genes of "sushi-specific" digestive enzymes into the human gut...


 Japan food digestion sushi enzyme gut genetics intestine
Fuel cells need a catalyst to speed up the chemical reactions that change hydrogen into water and electricity. Platinum is very good at this but it is famously expensive and rare. Some microbes, though, have known for a billion years how to make enzymes that can do the job using cheap and abundant nickel and iron. These natural enzymes are unfortunately difficult to obtain and do not do so well outside the microbe. Now researchers have...


 platinum nickel catalyst chemistry hydrogen fuel sustainability energy enzyme microbe