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Scientists have "entangled" the motions of pairs of atoms for the first time.


 entanglement teleport physics quantum
Room-temperature entanglement seems to be a by-product of the process of harvesting light.


 entanglement quantum physics photosynthesis biology
Teleportation, time travel, antimatter and wireless electricity. It all sounds far-fetched, more fiction than fact, but it's all true.
 wireless electricity time travel physics time electricity wireless science fiction science future antimatter teleportation entanglement
Over five years ago, scientists succeeded in teleporting information. ... Now, researchers in Japan have used the same principles to prove that energy can be teleported in the same fashion as information. Rather than just hastening the dawn of quantum computing, this development could lead to practical, significant changes in energy distribution. According to the theory, developed by Masahiro Hotta of Tohoku University, Japan, a series of...


 energy teleportation entanglement physics