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Television footage showed the object - believed to be a cargo container - wedged into the engine.


 airplane container engine
Among the works unveiled at this year's Turner Prize exhibition is a jet engine which has been reduced to a fine powder.


 9/11 engine airplane destruction
The rocket took off as planned but the phase powered by the new engine failed to perform and deviated from its path. The engine burns hydrogen in the presense of oxygen, both stored at very low temperatures to be liquid. They would otherwise be gas.


 India cryogenics space satellite launch engine
Researchers have created the smallest electric motor ever devised. The motor, made from a single molecule just a billionth of a metre across, is reported in Nature Nanotechnology.


 motor electricity engine nanotechnology molecule chemistry
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos says he has located the long-submerged F-1 engines that blasted the Apollo 11 Moon mission into space.


 Apollo Moon engine rocket ocean Atlantic history space travel