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Thousands of new wind turbines could be built across the UK over the coming decade as part of a ?100bn plan to boost renewable energy. Prime Minister Gordon Brown said the UK should be a leader in renewable energy. ... The North Sea has now passed its peak of oil and gas supply - but it will now embark on a new transformation into the global centre of the offshore wind industry.


 peak oil wind energy UK
Researchers have demonstrated a penny-sized "nuclear battery" that produces energy from the decay of radioisotopes...


 battery nuclear energy
There is a "significant risk" that global production of conventional oil could "peak" and decline by 2020, a report has warned...


 peak oil toread energy politics economy
The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) experiment has once again become one of the coldest places in the Universe. All eight sectors of the LHC have now been cooled to their operating temperature of 1.9 kelvin (-271C; -456F) - colder than deep space.


 LHC temperature space energy physics nuclear
Imagine a future in which wireless electricity makes everyday products more convenient, reliable, and environmentally friendly. Cell phones, game controllers, laptop computers, mobile robots, even electric vehicles capable of re-charging themselves without ever being plugged in. Flat screen TV’s and digital picture frames that hang on the wall—without requiring a wire and plug for power. Industrial systems and medical devices made more...
 wireless electricity future wireless electricity energy power
Rising high through the polluted air of Guangzhou City in southern China is a 71-storey tower block which, according to its designers, will be the most energy-efficient in the world.


 China architecture skyscraper energy solar wind sustainability efficiency
Kind to the planet? Yes, but definitely not kind to the wallet.


 energy TV environment
Whenever you hear the word miracle, you know there's trouble just around the corner. But no matter many times they lead to disappointment or disaster, the newspapers never tire of promoting miracle cures, miracle crops, miracle fuels and miracle financial instruments. We have a limitless ability to disregard the laws of economics, biology and thermodynamics when we encounter a simple solution to complex problems. ... Biomass is...


 biomass climate change energy fuel miracle
A sustainable energy initiative that will start with a huge solar project in the Sahara desert has been announced by a consortium of 12 European businesses.


 Europe Sahara energy solar
The technology behind solar energy is constantly evolving. Portable devices that charge up gadgets from the sun are becoming smaller and more powerful.


 toread solar energy
The world's first power project that generates energy by mixing fresh water with sea water has opened in Norway...


 energy water Norway ocean toread
A Newsnight investigation suggests that UK government plans to build a new generation of nuclear power stations to fill the energy gap by 2020 are wildly optimistic.


 nuclear energy UK toread
The cost of installing and owning solar panels will fall even faster than expected according to new research.
 solar energy toread
Batteries made from plain copier paper could make for future energy storage that is truly paper thin.


 battery energy paper carbon nanotechnology
In the turbulent waters off the shores of Orkney, in the far north of Scotland, an array of bizarre machines is being deployed in a drive to harness the power of the sea.


 Orkney energy wave tide ocean
In a revolutionary leap that could transform solar power from a marginal, boutique alternative into a mainstream energy source, MIT researchers have overcome a major barrier to large-scale solar power: storing energy for use when the sun doesn't shine...


 solar energy photosynthesis storage