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A German computer scientist has published details of the secret code used to protect the conversations of more than 4bn mobile phone users.


 mobile phone encryption security hacking surveillance
Free open-source disk encryption software for Windows 7/Vista/XP, Mac OS X, and Linux
 encryption open source cryptography software
Scientists have found that by varying the voltage to key parts of a computer's processor, the ability to keep this data secret is compromised.


 security cryptography CPU encryption chip voltage hacking
Google has admitted that for the past three years it has wrongly collected information people have sent over unencrypted wi-fi networks.


 WiFi wireless encryption Google snooping surveillance spying Google Street View mapping privacy
About 600 gigabytes of data was taken off of the Wi-Fi networks in more than 30 countries" and that "Google has been vacuuming up fragments of people's online activities broadcast over public Wi-Fi networks for the past four years.


 wifi Google privacy encryption Google Street View surveillance
The arrest of 10 alleged spies in the United States has thrust the ancient practice of steganography into the limelight. Several of the suspects are accused of using the method to conceal data being transmitted from the US to Russia.


 USA Russia spying steganography encryption communication Catholic Church
A British computer expert has been entrusted with part of a digital key, to help restart the internet in the event of a major catastrophe.


 Internet catastrophy emergency key DNS encryption switch security
A teenager has been jailed for 16 weeks after he refused to give police the password to his computer.


 password encryption computer prison security
A coded manuscript by Leonardo da Vinci has been discovered in a public library in the French city of Nantes.


 Leonardo Da Vinci encryption manuscript
Data smuggling software could help citizens in countries operating strict net filters visit any site they want.


 software censorship Internet freedom of speech freedom information China encryption
The National Museum of Computing has finished restoring a Tunny machine - a key part of Allied code-cracking during World War II.


 encryption WWII cryptography hacking history computer