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A new scheme that distributes simple tasks via text messages is being used to target a potential untapped work force in developing countries.


 mobile job work employment developing countries Mechanical Turk outsourcing
BBC News explains how to get a head start in the job hunting race and make sure your CV is up to scratch.


 CV employment career
Your boss may be spying on you - tracking all your online activity, from emails and web usage, to what blogs you create or sign up to. Sometimes companies keep tabs on employees by hiding cameras in lavatories, or tracking company cars using hidden GPS devices. Such wholesale monitoring is increasingly commonplace, and a huge spyware industry has sprung up to keep everything and everyone under observation. Just as worrying is that online...


 employment surveillance tracking big brother freedom
MI5 is ditching staff who lack computer skills in a programme of compulsory and voluntary redundancies.


 intelligence service computer skill employment UK