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It's one of the most fabled talents in the animal world – elephants' ability to "talk" via rumbles in the earth. Now zoologists in Namibia are trying to harness these seismic social calls - to lure rampaging males back to safety.


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The Central Zoo Authority in India has confirmed to the BBC that zoos and circuses in the country will no longer be allowed to keep elephants.
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Are elephants so smart that they can spot the difference when they hear people speaking different languages?


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They have been monitoring communications between animals that cannot be heard by human ears. The elephant's trumpeting call will be familiar to most people, but the animals also emit growls. Their growls, however, are only partly audible; two-thirds of the call is at frequencies that are too low to be picked up by our hearing.


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Researchers are now lifting the veil on the elephants' secretive lives, and they are doing so by listening to the rumbles in the jungle.


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Despite their immense size and thick hides, elephants are afraid of bees. Adults can be stung around their eyes or inside their trunks, whilst calves could potentially be killed by a swarm of stinging bees as they have yet to develop a thick protective skin.


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The elephants are routinely forced to touch the heads of pilgrims with their trunks as a form of blessing. But officials say the practice could be putting the animals at risk of tuberculosis.


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Farmers in Cameroon have expressed doubts over a UN suggestion to use pepper spray guns to stop stampeding elephants destroying crops.


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Sri Lanka's wildlife veterinary surgeons have gone on strike in protest at what they say is the government's failure to manage a serious conflict between wild elephants and humans.


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He was known as "The Elephant Man" in the newspapers of the time - but only now has the full story of one of World War II's most remarkable rescues come to light.


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Sri Lanka is turning a vast area of jungle, earlier a base for Tamil Tiger rebels, into a wildlife sanctuary. The government said the former war zone, spread over 40,000 hectares in Mullaitivu in northern Sri Lanka, would be used for wildlife conservation.


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