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Psychologists have long stated that families of higher income and education levels talk more with their children and speak to them in complex sentences. But the study is one of the first to focus on whether gestures, too, have an influence on vocabulary and school preparedness.


 language literacy speech gesture child education
Excellent about the need for re-unification of mathematics and geometry, and physics. ... Also: Jacobi noted, as mathematics' most fascinating property, that in it one and the same function controls both the presentations of a whole number as a sum of four squares and the real movement of a pendulum. These discoveries of connections between heterogeneous mathematical objects can be compared with the discovery of the connection between...


 philosophy mathematics physics education geometry
Guitar Tricks - the Fast, Easy, and Effective Way to Learn Guitar
 music guitar education
The Kansas Evolution Hearings were a series of hearings held in Topeka, Kansas, United States May 5 to May 12, 2005 by the Kansas State Board of Education and its State Board Science Hearing Committee to change how evolution and the origin of life would be taught in the state's public high school science classes. The hearings were arranged by the conservative Christian Board of Education with the intent of introducing intelligent...
 education intelligent design evolution politics biology USA
The Disney Studio has pledged to remove smoking from its family-oriented films.


 smoking education patronizing
Technology addiction among young people is having a disruptive effect on their learning, researchers have warned.
 education Interne addiction toread
Forty-two per cent of the UK's top scientists and scholars were privately educated and the trend looks likely to continue, a report suggests.
 education private science toread
... the Japanese slaughter of some 300,000 civilians in the Chinese city of Nanjing as an incident, rather than the massacre it is known as elsewhere.


 history Japan revisionism education
The (US) federal government, vastly extending the reach of an 11-year-old law, is requiring hundreds of universities, online communications companies and cities to overhaul their Internet computer networks to make it easier for law enforcement authorities to monitor e-mail and other online communications.


 freedom education big brother tracking surveillance Internet
The organization that maintains the online encyclopedia Wikipedia ( proposes the creation of Wikiversity, an electronic institution of learning that will be used to test the limits of the wiki model both for developing electronic learning resources as well as for teaching and for conducting research and publishing results. Still in the initial startup phase, Wikiversity could, at the least, be an open repository...
 freedom information education reference wiki
The OpenLearn website gives free access to Open University course materials.
 Open University university course free education reference