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Computer chips of the size and sophistication required to meet the challenge already exist. ... For a planet like Mars, smart dust particles would each have to be the size of a grain of sand. ... Wireless networking would allow these particles to form swarms, and Dr Barker's team has carried out mathematical simulations to see how this would work. ... We envisage that most of the particles can only talk to their nearest neighbours but a...


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Scientists may have identified the first specks of interstellar dust in material collected by the US space agency's Stardust spacecraft.


 interstellar dust matter astronomy probe
A canister recovered from the first spacecraft to land on an asteroid and return to Earth, contains dust particles, say Japanese scientists.


 asteroid sample dust
The most common afflictions are respiratory problems including asthma and sinusitis, but muscular and intestinal conditions are reported as well.


 dust health respiration 9/11
A long-standing mystery about how dying stars spew out the material of future planets is now solved, scientists say.


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