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A South Korean grandmother has failed her written driving test 771 times.


 South Korea exam driving
Software developed by the researchers helps a computer keep a car within a lane on a highway while staying aware of other lanes and vehicles travelling alongside. It can even read road signs.


 software automatic car vehicle navigation driving
Many motorists retain fond memories of cars they have owned or driven. For Charles Duke, riding Nasa's lunar rover remains one of his most vivid recollections of the Apollo 16 mission to the Moon in 1972.


 transport Moon Apollo driving
An Austrian atheist has won the right to be shown on his driving-licence photo wearing a pasta strainer as "religious headgear".


 Austria pastafarianism driving license pasta headgear head religion atheism dogma
A court in Saudi Arabia has sentenced a woman to 10 lashes for breaking the country's ban on female drivers.


 Saudi Arabia women driving ban law
A report in Saudi Arabia has warned that if Saudi women were given the right to drive, it would spell the end of virginity in the country.


 virgin Saudi Arabia incredible driving religion culture gender equality women right
The Brazilian government has filed a lawsuit against Twitter, demanding that the firm remove accounts in the country that warn citizens of police speed traps and roadblocks.


 Twitter Brazil lawsuit driving police drinking censorship
The AA is set to launch a new insurance policy which uses sat-nav technology to track driver performance. The firm said the system would allow its better drivers to receive cheaper premiums.


 navigation GPS insurance driving big brother surveillance privacy