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I've worked with several visual facilitators who can picture the minutes of a meeting but Tim is different; not only does he record the day, he also brings a sharp intellectual analysis and clear contribution to the conversation.


 Tim Casswell visualization minutes drawing analysis facilitation
The ancient Nazca people of Peru are famous for the lines they drew in the desert depicting strange animal forms. A further mystery is what happened to this once great civilisation, which suddenly vanished 1,500 years ago. Now a team of archaeologists have found the demise of the Nazca society was linked in part to the fate of a tree. ... Our research contradicts the popular view that Native American peoples always lived in harmony with...


 Nazca environment tree Peru archaeology drawing desert history aerial mystery
You can use Google Docs drawings to make charts, diagrams, designs, and more. We’ve been using this tool at Google to create everything from project timelines to launch plans.


 Google Docs drawing
Famous line drawings etched into Peru’s Nazca desert plateau around 1,500 years ago are enduring puzzles. At least one of them is also a labyrinth, researchers say.


 Peru Nazca drawing aerial path labyrinth