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WikiLeaks, a whistleblower website that allows people to publish uncensored information anonymously, has suspended operations owing to financial problems.


 whistleblower WikiLeaks leak donation politics news freedom
There will be an independent review after the NHS transplant authority confirmed 21 cases in which the wrong organs may have been taken from donors.


 UK transplant bureaucracy organ donation
The Vatican has seen its third consecutive financial loss, with a 4.1m euros deficit in 2009.


 Vatican economy donation Catholic Church business religion
An anonymous donor in Denmark has left nearly $200,000 in a clothes recycling bin outside a charity shop run by the Red Cross.


 Red Cross donation anonymity incredible money
Two high profile hacker groups have called on their followers to boycott PayPal over its continued refusal to handle donations to Wikileaks.


 activism hacking hacktivist PayPal Wikileaks donation politics
Idle computers are being sought to raise cash for charities and contribute to a series of science projects.


 idle computer donation charity fundraising crowdsourcing distributed computing supercomputer