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Enter one or more words has already been running for two years and has generated forecasts on the likely extent of climate change. Participants download software onto their personal computers which run the program when the machine is idle.


 distributed computing
Grub's goal is revolutionary - to track down every site in the world and provide a real-time map of the Web. Leveraging the power of distributed computing, Grub allows everyone with an Internet connection to participate in the last frontier of discovery. By downloading the unique screensaver, you can donate your computer's unused bandwidth to probing the hidden depths of the Web.
 search engine distributed computing
Search is part of the fundamental infrastructure of the Internet. And, it is currently broken. Why is it broken? It is broken for the same reason that proprietary software is always broken: lack of freedom, lack of community, lack of accountability, lack of transparency. Here, we will start to change all that. Grub started back in 2000 with a simple concept of distributing part of the search process pipeline: crawling. In a way, we were a...
 search engine search Internet crawling software distributed computing mapping open source
Majestic-12 is working towards creation of a World Wide Web search engine based on concepts of distributing workload in a similar fashion achieved by successful projects such as SETI@home and
 search engine distributed computing Internet mapping grid
By putting their home computers to work when they would otherwise be idle, three "citizen scientists" have discovered a rare astronomical object.


 distributed computing astronomy pulsar cloud
Freedom Box is the name we give to a personal server running a free software operating system, with free applications designed to create and preserve personal privacy. Freedom Box software is particularly tailored to run in "plug servers," which are compact computers that are no larger than power adapters for electronic appliances. Located in people's homes or offices such inexpensive servers can provide privacy in normal...


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